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MaPSS: (Update: Change in date) Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Lasic Latimer -- An Intro to Riemann-Hilbert Problems

(Update: the date of the seminar has been changed to 20/10/2022, from 13/10/2022)


The next Mathematics Postgraduate Society(MaPS) Seminar will be held on Thursday
20/10/2022 at 5pm in AGR Carslaw 829.  Our speaker is Tomas Lasic Latimer.  Details of
the talk are attached below.  Pizza and drinks will be provided afterwards.  Feel free
to come along, listen to an interesting talk, have some pizza and socialize! 

Time & Date: 5pm, Thursday 20/10/2022 

Location: AGR, Carslaw 829 

Zoom link: 

Title: An Intro to Riemann-Hilbert Problems 

Abstract: The talk is aimed to be a brief introduction to Riemann-Hilbert Problems
(RHPs) and their applications.  First, I’ll talk about how differential equations can be
reframed as RHPs and what’s gained from this.  Then, I’ll talk about how RHPs can be
used to describe orthogonal polynomials.  Finally, I’ll discuss RHPs in the context of
difference equations.  If time permits, I’ll also talk about some of the complex
analysis techniques used in RHP theory.

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