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MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Lapuz -- A guided tour of geometric singular perturbation theory

Hi all,

Our next MaPS Seminar is on this Thursday 03/11/2022 at 5pm in AGR Carslaw 829. Our 
speaker this week is Timothy Lapuz. Details of the talk are provided below. 
Pizza and drinks will be provided after the talk.

The seminar can also be joined remotely via Zoom:

Hope to see you there!

Speaker’s Bio: Timothy is a first-year PhD at USyd, under the supervision of Professor 
Martin Wechselberger. His PhD is on developing methods from geometric singular 
perturbation theory and using them for model reductions of systems evolving on multiple 
time scales. In particular, his PhD focuses on understanding the time scale hierarchy of 
chemical reaction networks.

Title: A guided tour of geometric singular perturbation theory.

Geometric singular perturbation theory (GSPT) is a powerful tool for the applied 
mathematician. It can be used to analyse dynamical systems evolving in two or more time 

In this talk, we’ll tour through the world of GSPT via a simple chemical reaction. We’ll 
discuss how to analyse the corresponding system using GSPT and, depending on our 
parameter assumptions, we’ll come across what we call standard and nonstandard form in 
GSPT. Throughout the tour, I will highlight definitions and theorems that are central to 
GSPT - some of which are GSPT’s main attractions!

On behalf of the MaPS Organizing Committee

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