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Applied Maths Honours Seminar: Rourke -- The Boundary Integral Method as applied to Cavitation Bubbles

Date: Friday, March 5 
Time: 11.00 am to 11:30 am 
Location: Carslaw 350 

Speaker: Oliver Rourke 

Abstract: The study of cavitation deals with the creation and collapse of bubbles in a
fluid due to some external forcing.  The phenomenon has been widely studied as a result
of its applicability to a diverse range of fields including aeronautics, medicine and
biophysics.  In spherically symmetric cases, analytic solutions exist, but these
solutions do not demonstrate bubble collapse.  A more general approach is to use the
Boundary Integral Method (BIM).  The general problem can be formulated in terms of an
integral equation, which can then be solved numerically by assuming rotational symmetry
and using a collocation method.  The resultant model will be tested in various scenarios
and the output compared with both experimental data and, wherever possible, analytic

(Note: All applied mathematics staff will be requested to attend the seminar, and provide
marks for the talk.)

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