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Calendar1: 22 Oct 2008 1405-1455
CalLoc1: Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre

Applied Maths Seminar: Knobloch -- Nearly inviscid Faraday waves

Faraday waves are gravity-capillary waves that form on the surface of a liquid when the
container vibrates.  These waves can organize themselves into a great variety of
patterns with different spatio-temporal symmetries.  The problem is particularly
interesting in the nearly inviscid regime where the Faraday waves couple to a streaming
flow driven in oscillatory viscous boundary layers; this flow in turn interacts with the
waves responsible for the boundary layers, leading to a description of the system in
terms of amplitude equations coupled to a Navier-Stokes-like equation for the streaming
flow.  Depending on the container shape these equations exhibit rich dynamics close to
the onset of the Faraday instability.

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