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Applied Maths Seminar: Pettet -- Modelling the human skin equivalent construct

Graeme Pettet, School of Mathematical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology 

A brief overview will be given of the development of a so called Human Skin Equivalent
Construct, which will provide a significant new platform for studying growth, response
and repair of human skin subjected to wounding and/or treatment under strictly regulated
conditions.  The successful development of this ex-vivo human skin construct will remove
the need for laboratory animal testing when determining toxicity or efficacy of cosmetic
or therapeutic agents.  Details will also be provided of a series of mathematical models
we have developed that describe the dynamics of the Human Skin Equivalent Construct,
which can be used to assist in the development of the experimental protocol, and to
provide insight into the fundamental processes at play in the growth and development of
the epidermis in both healthy and diseased states.

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