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Applied Maths Seminar: Poladian -- One example of using electronic quizzes

This is a special seminar about teaching by Leon.  The entire school is wellcome
to the seminar.  

Abstract: Given the imperatives to achieve the same high quality teaching with less
expenditure of effort I hope to start a trend where colleagues share publicly with each
other little tricks and techniques that they have found worthwhile.  I’ll also state
upfront I don’t believe people should be forced to use a common method or framework, or
that one way might be better than another.  However, I do believe that the more diverse
methods you have access to and are aware of, the better you can choose one that suits
your needs and personal style.  

I’ll talk about what I do with the advanced 3rd year course MATH3977 to cope with the
problem that even the best students have had insufficient practical experience at
calculating total and partial derivatives in non-abstract situations with sufficient
ease and accuracy to allow them to pay sufficient attention to the new layers of content
and skill that need to sit on top of this.  

I will talk about what I do, why I do it, how I do it, how much effort it took, how much
effort it continues to take and the patterns of student usage.  Everything is based on
anecdotal evidence, some student feedback and personal opinion.  Please come long for a
relaxed and low-key presentation that I hope will be informative and maybe even

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