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Applied Maths Seminar: Rabinovich -- Neuronal Synchrony: Peculiarity & Generality

Synchronization in neuronal systems is a new and intriguing application of dynamical
systems theory.  Why are neuronal systems different as a subject for synchronization?
(1) Neurons in themselves are multi-dimensional nonlinear systems that are able to
exhibit a wide variety of different activity patterns.  Their ’dynamical repertoire’
includes regular or chaotic spiking, regular or chaotic bursting, multistability, and
complex transient regimes.  (2) Usually, neural oscillations are the result of the
cooperative activity of many synaptically connected neurons (a neuronal circuit).  Thus,
it is necessary to consider synchronization between different neuronal circuits as
well.  (3) The synapses that implement the coupling between neurons are also dynamical
elements and their intrinsic dynamics influences the process of synchronization or
entrainment significantly.  In this review we will focus on four new problems: (i) the
synchronization in minimal neural networks with plastic (STDP) synapses, (ii)
synchronization of bursts that are generated by a group of non-symmetrically coupled
inhibitory neurons (heteroclinic synchronization), (iii) the coordination of activities
of two coupled neuronal networks, and (iv) coarse grained synchronization in larger

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