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Calendar1: 6 Aug 2008 1405-1455
CalLoc1: Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre

Applied Maths Seminar: Thamwattana -- Continuum modelling for carbon nanostructures

The non-bonded interactions between carbon nanostructures are studied.  In particular,
we focus on various interactions which involve a fullerene molecule.  Using the
Lennard-Jones potential and the continuum approach, we provide the potential energy for
fullerene-atom interactions and by assuming that this atom is a typical atom on the
surface of other carbon nanostructures, we derive the total potential energy for two
non-concentric fullerenes, nested fullerenes, or carbon onions, a fullerene inside a
carbon nanotube and nanopeapods.  A simple mathematical model is also presented for the
oscillation of a fullerene inside a carbon nanotube.  This oscillation produces a
frequency in the gigahertz range, providing the potential for devices such as ultra-fast
optical filters and ultra-sensitive nanoantennae.  Further, issues involved
self-assembled hybrid carbon nanostructures known as nanopeapods are studied.  We
consider three encapsulation mechanisms for a C60 fullerene entering a tube: (i) through
the tube open end (head-on), (ii) around the edge of the tube open end and (iii) through
a defect opening on the tube wall.  Once C60 fullerenes are encapsulated inside a
nanotube, the arrangement of C60 fullerene chains is investigated.  In particular, we
consider both zigzag and spiral patterns for the fullerene chains. 

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