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Calendar1: 9 Feb 2014 0900
CalLoc1: Kioloa Coastal Campus, ANU

Conference: February, 2014 -- Geometric Invariance and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

The international Conference, 

Geometric Invariance and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations,

will be held at

Kioloa Coastal Campus, 
Australian National University, 
Edith and Joy London Foundation 

during the period 

February 9--14, 2014. 


Conference Website:



This conference is the second major event in the Mathematical 
Sciences Institute 2013 Special Year on Nonlinear Partial 
Differential Equations. The aim of the meeting is to bring 
together Australian and international researchers in geometric 
aspects of nonlinear PDE with particular emphasis on: geometric 
flows and their applications; affine, conformal,complex and 
convex geometric structures as well as problems arising from 
Lie group invariances.


Conference structure: 

The meeting will have the structure of an Oberwolfach or 
Banff Workshop. February 9 will be the arrival date with 
a welcoming function in the evening. Lectures will take 
place from the morning of Monday, February 10 until lunch 
time on Friday, February 14, with a hike in the Murramarang 
National Park tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of 
Wednesday, February 12, followed by the conference dinner 
in the evening.


Tentatively Accepted List: 

Kazuo Akutagawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Zbiginiew Blocki (Jagellionian University, Krakow)

Sun-Yung Alice Chang (Princeton University)

Ferdinand Coda-Marquez (IMPA and Paris)

Xiaojun Huang (Rutgers University)

Gerhard Huisken (University of Tuebingen)

Monika Ludwig (Technical University of Vienna)

Haizhong Li (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Fang-hua Lin (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

Hui Ma (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Xinan Ma (University of Science and Technology, Hefei)

Gaven Martin (Massey University, Auckland)

Joel Merker (Univ. Paris XI)

Andre Neves (Imperial College, London)

Duong Phong (Columbia University)

Jie Qing (UC Santa Cruz)

Severine Rigot (University of Nice)

Felix Schulze (University College, London)

Natasa Sesum (Rutgers University)

Mei-chi Shaw (Notre Dame)

Yuguang Shi (Beijing Univ)

Gang Tian (Princeton and Beijing Universities)

Peter Topping (Univ. Of Warwick)

Ben Weinkove (Northwestern University)

Neshan Wickramasekera (Univ. of Cambridge)

Paul Yang (Princeton University)