SMS scnews item created by Zhou Zhang at Fri 2 Feb 2018 0829
Type: Seminar
Distribution: World
Expiry: 9 Feb 2018
Calendar1: 2 Feb 2018 0900-1630
CalLoc1: ABS 1050
CalTitle1: Gang Tian’s 59/60th Birthday Event at Sydney
Auth: zhangou@pzhangou3.pc (assumed)

Gang Tian’s 59/60th Birthday Event at Sydney: Tian -- Differential Geometry

There is an international conference going on right here: 

at ABS (Abercombie Business School Building) 1050.  

Although we announced this 2-week event earlier at 

it finally occurred to me that screws has indeed got into our blood.  

Sorry for the late scnews. Today is the last day of it.

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