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Calendar1: 2 Aug 2011 1200-1300
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Geometry Seminar

\(L^p\) Differential Forms on Analytic Varieties

Guillaume Valette

  • Geometry Seminar website:
  • Speaker: Guillaume Valette (from Polish Academy of Science)
  • Time: 12-1PM, Tuesday, August 2nd
  • Room: 707A Carslaw
  • Title: \(L^p\) Differential Forms on Analytic Varieties
  • Abstract: we may endow any analytic differential manifold \(M\) (not necessarily compact) with the Riemmanian metric inherited from the ambient space. Consider then the differential forms whose norm is \(L^p\) integrable on the manifold. I will give some theorems on computing the cohomology of \(L^p\) forms.

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