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Geometry Seminar (*Friday*) : Carberry -- Harmonic Maps, Toda Frames and Extended Dynkin Diagrams

Due to multiple reasons, the following event has been moved 

**Friday** (Nov. 25), 11AM-12NOON, 

still at Carslaw 707A.  

Sorry for the late notice and inconvenience. 


Speaker: Emma Carberry (Sydney)

Time: Nov. 24, Thursday (**NOT the usual time**), 12NOON--1PM

Room: 707A Carslaw Building


Title: Harmonic maps, Toda frames and extended Dynkin diagrams

Abstract: I shall discuss harmonic maps from surfaces into 
homogeneous spaces G/T where G is any simple real Lie group 
(not necessarily compact) and T is a Cartan subgroup. All 
immersions of a genus one surface into G/T possessing a Toda 
frame can be constructed by integrating a pair of commuting 
vector fields on a finite dimensional Lie algebra. I shall 
provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence 
of a Toda frame and describe those G/T to which the theory 
applies in terms of involutions of extended Dynkin diagrams. 
Applications will be given to harmonic maps into de Sitter 
spaces and to Willmore tori in S^3. This is joint work with 
Katharine Turner (University of Chicago).


You can find more information on the topic through the links 
for earlier talks of this series.

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