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Joint Colloquium: Eddy Godelle -- Hecke Algebras and Renner Monoids

Speaker: Eddy Godelle (Universite de Caen, France)  

Web Page Link:

Time: Friday, 2:30--3:30PM, Dec. 16, 2011

Room: Carslaw Building 375, Sydney University 

Lunch: meet around 1PM at Level 2 entry of Carslaw 
Building, combining with the Algebra Seminar Lunch  


Title: Hecke Algebras and Renner Monoids

Abstract: we will introduce Renner monoids, that play in 
the context of Algebraic monoid theory the role that play 
Weyl groups in Algebraic Group theory. We will explain 
how one can obtain presentation of these monoids and prove 
a conjecture of L. Solomon about the presentation of their 
associated Hecke Algebras.


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