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Calendar1: 12 Aug 2011 1400-1500
CalLoc1: UNSW Red Centre 4082

Joint Colloquium: Grojnowski -- Representation Theory and Differentiation

Speaker: Professor Ian Grojnowski (Cambridge UK)

Time: Friday, 12 August, at 2PM 

Room: RC-4082, Red Centre Building, UNSW

Lunch with speaker: meeting at 12:30 at the entrance 
to the East Wing of Red Centre Building

Title: Representation Theory and Differentiation

Abstract: the Beilinson Bernstein Theorem describes 
representations of a Lie algebra like sl_2 in terms 
of modules for differential operators. I’ll explain 
this result, its central role in representation 
theory, and some arithmetic generalisations.

Remark: this would be a talk for the general audience 
with an Algebra Seminar talk in the following week for 
more technical issues.