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Calendar1: 30 Mar 2012 1430-1530
CalLoc1: Carslaw 175
CalTitle1: SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Kristensen -- Metrical Musings on Littlewood and Friends

Joint Colloquium: Kristensen -- Metrical Musings on Littlewood and Friends

Speaker: Prof. Simon Kristensen (Aarhus)

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Time: Friday, March 30, 2:30--3:30PM

Room: Carslaw 175 (Sydney Univ.)


Title: Metrical Musings on Littlewood and Friends

Abstract: the celebrated Littlewood conjecture in 
Diophantine approximation concerns the simultaneous 
approximation of two real numbers by rationals with 
the same denominator. A cousin of this conjecture 
is the mixed Littlewood conjecture of de Mathan and 
Teulié, which is concerned with the approximation 
of a single real number, but where some denominators 
are preferred to others.

In the talk, we will derive a metrical result extending 
work of Pollington and Velani on the Littlewood conjecture.
Our result implies the existence of an abundance of 
numbers satisfying both conjectures.

This is joint work with Alan Haynes and Jonas Lindstrøm 


Lunch: we meet around 1PM at the Level 2 entry 
to Carslaw Building and then head to Grandstand 
(arriving around 1:15PM).

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