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Calendar1: 23 Mar 2012 1400-1500
CalLoc1: RC-4082 (UNSW)

Joint Colloquium: Olver -- Moving Frames in Applications

Speaker: Prof. Peter J. Olver (University of Minnesota)

Time: Friday, March 23, 2--3PM

Room: RC-4082, East Wing of the Red Centre Building (UNSW)

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Title: Moving Frames in Applications

Abstract: in this talk, I will describe a new approach 
to the theory of moving frames. The method is completely 
algorithmic, and applies to very general Lie group actions 
and even infinite-dimensional pseudo-groups. It has led 
to a wide variety of new applications, ranging over 
differential equations, the calculus of variations, 
geometric flows, image processing, numerical methods, 
differential geometry, invariant theory, and elsewhere. 
The talk will survey the key ideas, and present some of 
the principal applications.


Lunch with speaker: we meet at 12:30PM at the entrance 
to the East Wing of Red Centre Building.

One choice of commuting from Sydney: meet at Carslaw 
620 around 12NOON and we share taxi to UNSW. The round 
trip is covered by department colloquium fund.