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Calendar1: 2 Mar 2012 1400-1500
CalLoc1: Carslaw 275
CalTitle1: Joint Colloquium: Skripka -- Applications of Noncommutative Analysis

Joint Colloquium: Skripka -- Applications of Noncommutative Analysis

This would be the first talk of this Friday’s doubleheader 
joint colloquium afternoon. 


**NOTICE**: the scnews for the second talk is at


Speaker: Dr. Anna Skripka (Univ. Of Central Florida)

Time: Friday, March 2rd, 2--3PM

Room: Carslaw 275 (Sydney Univ.)


Title: Applications of Noncommutative Analysis

Abstract: the talk will discuss recent powerful results 
in noncommutative analysis obtained jointly with D. Potapov 
and F. Sukochev and role of those results in resolution 
of Koplienko’s conjecture (1984) in mathematical physics. 
This line of research was initiated by studies in theoretical 
physics in 1940s and later became guided by research on 
discrete and continuous Schrodinger operators. The mentioned
results are formulated in simple terms (which makes them 
accessible to a broad audience), yet the proofs are very 
sophisticated and rely on various techniques of modern 
and classical analysis.


Lunch: we meet around 12:30PM at the Level 2 entry to 
Carslaw Building (possibly with quite some construction 
work going on) and then head to Grandstand (arriving 
around 12:45PM).