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Calendar1: 2 Mar 2012 1500-1600
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Joint Colloquium: Zinchenko -- Nonlinear Fourier Analysis

This would be the second talk of this Friday’s doubleheader 
joint colloquium afternoon. 


**NOTICE**: the first talk announced earlier is changed to 
2-3PM. There is no other change except that the lunch group 
now meets at 12:30PM. The scnews on that has been updated.


Speaker: Dr. Maxim Zinchenko (Univ. Of Central Florida)

Time: Friday, March 2rd, 3--4PM

Room: Carslaw 275 (Sydney Univ.)


Title: Nonlinear Fourier Analysis

Abstract: in this talk, I will give an overview of spectral 
theory as a nonlinear analog of Fourier analysis. There are 
several classes of nonlinear differential equations (among 
which are KdV and nonlinear Schroedinger equations) that 
could be solved with the help of spectral theory. As an 
illustration, I will discuss a system of exponentially 
interacting particles known as the Toda lattice whose 
solution is based on the spectral theory of Jacobi matrices. 
In addition, I will discuss recent developments in nonlinear 
analysis and, in particular, present a nonlinear analog of 
Parseval’s identity and a nonlinear version of the 
Riemann--Lebesgue lemma.


Lunch: we meet around 12:30PM at the Level 2 entry to 
Carslaw Building (possibly with quite some construction 
work going on) and then head to Grandstand (arriving 
around 12:45PM).