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Calendar1: 21 Mar 2012 1300-1400
CalLoc1: W5C 232 , Macquarie University (CANCELLED)
CalTitle1: Macquarie Colloquium Lecture: Pomerance -- Sums and products

Macquarie Colloquium Lecture (CANCELLED): Pomerance -- Sums and products

There is just a message from the organizer (earlier today, 
March 21) that this event has been cancelled. 

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this must have caused. 


Macquarie University

Mathematics Department Colloquium Lecture

Room: W5C 232 

Date: Wednesday, 21/03/2012

Time: 1 pm

Speaker: Carl Pomerance, Dartmouth College


Title: Sums and products

Abstract: what could be simpler than to study sums and 
products of integers? Well maybe it is not so simple 
since there is a major unsolved problem: for arbitrarily 
large numbers $N$, can there be sets of $N$ positive 
integers where both the number of pairwise sums and 
pairwise products is less than $N^{2-\e[silon}$? Erdos 
and Szemeredi conjecture no. This talk is directed at 
another problem concerning sums and products, namely 
how dense can a set of positive integers be if it 
contains none of its pairwise sums and products? For 
example, take the numbers that are 2 or 3 mod 5, a set 
with density 2/5. Can you do better? This talk reports 
on joint work with P. Kurlberg and J. C. Lagarias.


We will take the speaker out to lunch at the Staff Club. 
The lunch party departs from level 4 of E7A at 12 noon. 
Please join us.

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