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Mathematical Physics Seminar: Chaichian -- CPT and Lorentz Invariance: Their Relation and Violation

Speaker: Prof. Masud Chaichian (University of Helsinki)

Time: Tuesday, April 10rd, 12(NOON)--1PM

Room: Carslaw 352

Lunch: after the talk


Title:  CPT and Lorentz Invariance: Their Relation and 

Abstract: in a CPT-violating but Lorentz-invariant 
interacting quantum field theory, elementary particles, 
such as leptons, quarks, Higgs, their supersymmetric 
partners, and their  antiparticles remain identical 
even after the quantum corrections are taken into 
account. Thus the CPT invariance is not the responsible 
symmetry for the equality of the masses of an elementary 
particle and its antiparticle -- it is the Lorentz 
invariance. At the same time, if there exists a CPT 
violating interaction in Nature,  for composite 
particles such as p-\bar{p}, \pi^+-\pi^-, K0-\bar{K0}, 
etc., as well as for bound states, such as 
hydrogen-antihydrogen, there are differences in their 
masses, due to different bound-state energies, in 
their total widths (life-times) and magnetic moments. 
Therefore, the experimental measurements on the latter 
characteristics of composite particles or bound systems 
would reveal the existence of a CPT-violating theory, 
although the theory is Lorentz invariant.


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