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SYD-UNSW Joint Colloquium: Melrose -- Towards Analysis on Loop Manifolds

This is the second talk of the double-header on October 5th.


Speaker: Prof. Richard Melrose (MIT)

Time: Friday, 3-4PM, October 5, 2012

Room: OMB-149, Old Main Building (UNSW)

Lunch with speaker: meet around 12:30PM at the entrance to the East Wing 
of Red Centre Building.

One choice of commuting from Sydney: meet at Carslaw 620 around 12:05PM 
and share taxi to UNSW. The round trip is covered by school colloquium 


Title: Towards Analysis on Loop Manifolds

Abstract: I will describe the successive case of orientation, spin and 
string structures on a compact manifold and in particular how in
the latter case this can be realized in terms of objects on the
loop space.
There remain serious difficulties in doing differential analysis
on these spaces and I will try to show where the problems lie and
some possible paths forward in ongoing work with Chris Kottke.


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