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Sydney Precision Bioinformatics


Our research group is comprised of people from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, from computer science to statistics to clinical medicine. We develop methods meet a range of needs for topics ranging from predictive biomarkers to single cell data analysis. To find out more, explore the sections in the navigator bar above.


Research Areas

- Multi-omics Integration and Statistical Machine Learning
- Complex Data and Network Modelling
- Precision Medicine
- Model Selection and Visualisation for Biomedical Data
- Single Cell Data Analytics
- Brain Omics and the Connectome
- Approximate Bayesian Inference
- Complex Agricultural Data Modelling


September 2020: Ensemble Deep Learning in Bioinformatics review has been published in Nature Machine Intelligence.
August 2020: CiteFuse has been published in Bioinformatics.
August 2020: scHOT has been published in Nature Methods.
June 2020: scClassify has been published in Molecular Systems Biology.