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MATH1923 Multivariable Calculus and Modelling (Advanced)

General Information

MATH1923 is a Junior (or first-year) unit forming part of the Advanced Mathematics stream.

  • Credit point value: 3CP.
  • Classes per week: Two lectures and one tutorial.
  • Lecturer(s) in 2021: James Parkinson
  • Email contact address:

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Answers to frequently asked questions

See the main junior mathematics page for information relating to all junior mathematics units, and see in particular the Junior Maths FAQ page.

Class representatives

James Carraro, Pranjal Gupta and Sasha Jenner have volunteered to be your class representatives. They will meet with the Head of School later in the semester. We would like to know what you like about the unit and where things can be improved. If you have any issues you would like discussed, then please email your class representatives using the address, and let them know your views.

Online Resources

For enrolled students or other authorized people only, here is a link to the Canvas page for MATH1923.


Date*DescriptionBetter markWeighting
23:59 August 26 Assignment 1 5%
23:59 September 15 Quiz 1 12.5%
23:59 October 7 Assignment 2 5%
23:59 October 27 Quiz 2 12.5%
All dates are given in Sydney time.


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