Undergraduate Study

OLEO1665/OLET1666: Writing with LaTeX

LaTeX is a very powerful document preparation system that produces high quality, professional output that is suitable for publication. It can be used for anything from letters and homework assignments to honours and PhD theses and books. With the advent of modern editors, LaTeX is easy to use and it is particularly useful for writing documents that contain significant amounts of mathematics or in longer documents such as books or theses that can take advantage of LaTeX's extensive cross-referencing capabilities.

The 0-credit point OLEO1665 introduces you to the basics of LaTeX with the 2-credit point OLET1666 covering some of the more advanced or more specialised topics in LaTeX. Almost all of this unit will be taught inside Ed because this provides a self-contained environment for working with LaTeX.

General Information

OLEO1665 is an online zero credit point unit available to all enrolled students of the University of Sydney.

OLET1666 is a two credit point unit available within certain courses, including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Economics. (Prospective students should check the regulations relevant to their course.)

You may also view the description of OLET1666 in the University's course search database.

Students: if you decide to email us please include your name and SID.

Online Resources

For OLEO1665 the following modules must be completed in Ed:

  1. LaTeX Fundamentals
  2. Writing LaTeX documents

The following modules are available as part of OLET1666:

  1. The packaging system
  2. Mathematics
  3. Manuscripts
You can enrol in OLEO1665, and complete, the 0-credit point OLE, at any time. Census dates apply for OLET1666, the 2-credit point version of this unit.