Testimonials from students, September 2016, supporting nomination of Andrew Crisp for a Vice-Chancellor's Award

  1. Good evening, I'm really excited that Andrew Crisp could have the chance to be nominated for a Teaching Award.

    He is a really good teacher. I was enrolled in MATH1002 last semester. I didn't go to his stream because it clashed with my other lectures. However, it was his lecture notes that helped me get through the whole semester. His notes were extremely well-organised, form the easy ones to the complicated ones. For every linear algebraic conclusion, he would carefully show us the approaches to it, and wrote down a clear explanation on his notes. I didn't have the talents in math, but everything on his notes made sense for me.

    Furthermore, he could always keep a good pace in his lectures. Although all of his work was showed in details on his notes, he was still ahead of some of the other lecturers and spared 2 lectures in week13 for revision (it was lucky of me to have attended those 2 lectures). In his revision lectures, by tutoring us in working on past exam papers, he pointed out those key points of Linear Algebra. Besides, he also shared many practical skills in revisions and exams with us, which really helped me a lot in my final exam.

    I think he's a reliable and earnest teacher, who really cares us students. He hopes every student can get the most from his lectures and enjoy learning math. That's why I think he's worth a Teaching Award.

    I really hope that Andrew Crisp can get the Teaching Award.

    Haipei Zou [received Thursday 8 September]

  2. My name is Misha Hashmi and I am hopeless at math. It's one of the many reasons I chose the Bachelor of Medical Science; I had a vague hope that I'd be able to avoid maths for the rest of my life. Unfortunately that didn't come true and last semester I found myself taking a linear algebra class with Andrew Crisp, one of the best lecturers whose dedication inspired me in many ways.

    Andrew's notes were precise to the letter; he always came prepared to his classes. From his beautiful colors to his double-checking (to his boots), there was never a time where he didn't exude confidence from every pore of his being. They were also simplified so beautifully -- I ended up telling a friend who was also struggling how amazing he was and she joined me in the class shortly afterwards.

    Andrew was also amazingly dedicated to his students. He held consultations regularly and even had last-minute consultations before the exams (one of which I showed up to!). He made sure to leave time for his students to personally come to him. I cannot thank him enough for that last minute consultation. It was a great rescue.

    In fact, if you had told me back at the start of last semester that Andrew had literally been approached days before semester commenced to teach our course -- I wouldn't have believed you. He is amazing in how he teaches. He is familiar with everything. He can make math easy for even the hopeless.

    Last semester I credited linear algebra. And I owe it all to the brilliant Andrew Crisp. I sincerely hope that he is successful in this nomination. He truly deserves it.

    Misha Hashmi [received Thursday 8 September]

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Andrew Crisp is nominated for this award, and I totally want to support. Andrew at first was not my lecturer in last semester and I was struggling with linear algebra. After my friend told me about him, I went to his class and literally everything makes sense. He is such a good teacher who is really handsome :) and has really clear accent. His preparations for each class were extremely sufficient and well-organised. Even sometimes I did not attend the lectures, by looking through his notes, all the key points can be easily understood. They were never too brief nor too interminable. He is the very lecturer makes me feel math can be so fun and easy to understand. I was thinking if he could be my teacher for all math courses, I would never miss one lecture and have more interests in math.

    Truly hope he can win this award. Thank you!

    Zirui Chen [received Wednesday 7 September]

  4. As a first year science student, I rued the concept of compulsory maths units at first. However, as my MATH1002 tutor, Andrew made the compulsory maths seem engaging, relevant and very enjoyable. Rather than feeling like an obligation, Andrew made it so that I felt compelled to attend tutorials and participate, despite discovering the non-compulsory nature of the tutorials. He fostered a sense of enjoyment for maths that I had not thought possible. His notes, advice and help for the subject were all very accurate and relevant, adding more depth to the subject than I experienced in lectures. He definitely contributed to the engagement I had with the subject resulting in a superior result compared to my other units of study.

    Sarah Nguyen [received Wednesday 7 September]

  5. Great idea nominating Andrew for a teaching award. I had Andrew as a tutor for math1002 1st sem last year and the enthusiasm he brought to the class was second to none. He really embraced the idea that there is no such thing as a dumb question and always seemed more than happy to go over a theory or a question a second or even third time until it made sense. Andrew is still the best tutor I have had to date.

    Nicholas Graham [received Wednesday 7 September]

  6. Andrew Crisp was the only reason my entire perspective of Linear Algebra was completely turned over. He was not my assigned lecturer, however, I started watching lectures online and I found his stream I simply began to understand everything. Moreover, he was so generous in his help whenever I needed it. I have also told all my friends and acquaintances more than once that I wish he was teaching any of my math classes this semester because I found his teaching style refreshing and invigorating. Thus, I would love to assist in any possible way I can.

    Hayfa Bakour [received Wednesday 7 September]

  7. I would like to nominate Andrew for this award as he is very deserving of it. Good on you for doing this! I am happy for my name to be quoted also.

    Hamish McGregor [received Tuesday 6 September]

  8. Andrew Crisp wasn't my timetabled lecturer for MATH1002 but after seeing his lecture videos I stopped going to my scheduled lectures and went to his instead! It meant having to run back and forth between Wallace and PNR, so I often had to leave early from his lecture, and watching his other lecture online as I had class scheduled then, but it was definitely worth it. The way he explained the concepts made it so easy to understand and I grew to thoroughly enjoy the subject. He teaches fool-proof techniques and when sharing them with my friends from other lectures, they also became their go-to methods for solving problems. Thank you so much for preparing this nomination, I had often thought to send him an email of appreciation for being such a great teacher. Please keep this testimonial anonymous.

    Anonymous [received Monday 5 September]

  9. I took MATH1002 (Linear Algebra) in first semester of last year (2015) and went to Andrew Crisp's 8am lectures. He was the most engaging lecturer I've had so far and even managed to make maths at 8am enjoyable. His lectures were always really well structured and logical and he was very organised with uploading his lecture notes online as well as being really friendly and welcoming if you had any questions for him.

    He definitely is an outstanding teacher, thank you for nominating him on behalf of us.

    Alice Bridges-Webb, Second year Engineering/Science [received Sunday 4 September]

  10. I am so glad that I was sent this email.

    I have been taught by Andrew (during semester and also at the summer school) and agree that he is very deserving of the vice-chancellor's award.

    He goes above and beyond to help his students and he definitely was the one who got me through maths when I doubted myself.

    I would be very happy to include my name (Min-Shi Michelle Lim) in the nomination.

    Thanks again for emailing all of Andrews students.

    Min-Shi Michelle Lim [received Sunday 4 September]

  11. As a part-time student living two hours from campus, online recordings of lectures are held very close to my heart. Though I have never met Andrew in person I found that his lectures for MATH1002 were the most accessible for me in both the quality of his recordings; i.e making sure his mic was on and that everything he did was captured by the camera, and in the promptness and clarity of his online notes. To hear that this was done with just a days' notice inspires great respect for his work and teaching ability. In fact, I still have his notes saved for future reference. Thanks for your work in nominating Andrew, I feel he is more than deserving of this award.

    Daniel Eickelman [received Sunday 4 September]

  12. I'm really happy to hear that you are nominating Andrew Crisp. He is a wonderful lecturer and amazing tutor!

    I studied MATH1002 in semester 1 this year and Andrew was a great help to me. He was my tutor and although I wasn't timetabled for his lectures, I often would watch them online or read his lecture notes. He is really good at explaining hard concepts in math and a genuinely nice person who is easy to talk to.

    Thank you for going to the effort to nominate him and recognise his efforts!

    Chiara Catalano [received Saturday 3 September]

  13. I would like to nominate him. He is my tutor for Liner Algebra and he has made me understand the unit so easily. I have not done maths for a year and a half and he really helps to clarify and help you understand and apply concepts that I will probably never forget. He is really easy to approach as well and kind :)

    Anita Morusupalli [received Saturday 3 September]

  14. Andrew is the best Mathematics lecturer I have experienced at USYD so far. He is clear, concise, and organized in every lecture. He and his lectures made the subject a pleasure to learn. I don't mind if you disclose my name.

    Dugald Shannon [received Friday 2 September]

  15. I fully support this nomination and think it's very well deserved. I have no issue about being named in the process.

    Sophie Darling [received Friday 2 September]

  16. Hi, I absolutely agree to support in the nomination of Andrew Crisp for recognition award as an outstanding teacher at this university. I've had him as my lecture for math1002 last semester, and from my point of view as well as my friends he just smashed it, I learnt and understood the content of this unit as much as I could possibly learn all because of his excellent teaching style. He was always prepared, clear, wrote very clearly and much more . I don't mind you quoting my name.

    Shakila Karimi [received Friday 2 September]

  17. I am Eva, and Andrew is my MATH1014 tutor. He is a really awesome teacher, which I agreed that he deserved the award.

    So I will support him as well.

    Eva Yu-ting Lee [received Friday 2 September]

  18. MATH1002 is enjoyable because of Andrew. He is humorous and full of enthusiasm! I got a quite satisfactory result due to his easy-to-understand teaching method. He definitely deserves that award!

    Heng Wang [received Friday 2 September]

  19. I would love to support this nomination for Andrew Crisp. I am a little out of the ordinary for a first year student. I am 46 and already have a bachelor and master degree from UTS and UNSW. I am preparing for a career change from the finance industry to maths teaching. So, having had to present to audiences numbering in the hundreds myself, and having substantial experience listening to lecturers at other universities and professional presenters in finance, I am probably a pretty harsh critic. However, even before I knew of the position Andrew was put in last semester, I was very impressed with his lectures.

    I undertook Linear Algebra in Semester 1, but I wasn't actually enrolled in Andrew's lectures. I came across Andrew's recorded lectures when I needed a bit of extra understanding in the early weeks. I found myself returning to his recorded lectures throughout the semester for reinforcement of my understanding. I also snuck into one or two of his lectures during the semester!

    It is difficult to articulate exactly what makes a good teacher, but Andrew definitely has 'it'. Andrew speaks and presents in a very clear, methodical manner, at an excellent pace. He conveys a true interest and expertise in the subject, without any arrogance, which makes it very engaging. You notice this particularly when you listen to his recorded lectures. I really appreciate the little pauses he takes. It makes learning so much easier when it is calmly paced. Andrew is also very organised, for example, making sure the notes were available before the lecture, which really improves the learning experience. He also knows how to use the visual and audio technology without fail, which is incredibly helpful for students both in the lecture and those relying on recordings.

    My time at Sydney uni has been short so far, but Andrew's lectures have impressed me the most compared to both my lectures at Sydney and those at UTS and UNSW. I would like Andrew to know that he is having a great influence on students - even those he may not see!

    Best of luck with the nomination.

    (It's OK to use my name if necessary).

    Julie Fox [received Friday 2 September]

  20. Andrew Crisp is an excellent teacher, the best maths teacher that I have ever had, and I don't doubt that he would excel at teaching any subject that he is passionate about. I'm very happy to find out that he is still at the university, because he has a natural talent to teach and inspire, and it would be a crime to let it go to waste.

    Cindy Eric [received Friday 2 September]

  21. I have been lucky enough to have drawn Andrew as a tutor. I wholeheartedly concur with your sentiments about Andrew and hope that he does receive the recognition he deserves.

    David Brewster [received Friday 2 September]

  22. Thank you for reaching out to the student body.

    This is the first email I have ever received regarding the nomination of staff for honourable awards and I would also like to thank you for this opportunity to spotlight educators who go far beyond their job descriptions.

    As a former student of Andrew Crisp, I wish to support the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Teaching nomination. He is truly deserving of such a prestigious award should he receive it, not only due to the commitment and fulfilment of responsibility as a sessional staff, but for his exceptional, unwavering dedication and belief in the capabilities of his students. You may quote my name. Hoping for the best.

    Solenna Fu [received Friday 2 September]

  23. Andrew Crisp was one of the best lecturers I've had. His lectures were always clear and he explained complicated concepts in ways that were easy for his students to follow. I was initially enrolled in a different lecture but after a recommendation from a friend, I attended his lecture and I was sold. It was clear that he really cares about his students and how well they do, and his teaching definitely helped us all do better and enjoy the unit.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  24. I'd be more than delighted to contribute towards this nomination as Andrew was an exceptional teacher during summer school and there has been no one like him.

    Sindhi Rao [received Friday 2 September]

  25. I wasn't initially in Andrew's scheduled lectures but from other student's great reviews I decided to go in and listen. He was great: clear, made complex ideas simple, and overall enthusiastic throughout the whole semester. His enthusiasm in class made a world of difference in keeping us interested! Coming from not having done maths for 3 years since school and forgetting most of it, his teaching style and attitude most of all was very much appreciated.

    Good luck to him, and thanks for recognising great teaching, it makes a huge difference to us students having lecturers with this attitude, as not all do!

    Elyssa Mastro [received Friday 2 September]

  26. I am really exciting to know the news that my favorite teacher, Anrew Crisp might obtain a Vice-Chancellor's Award for outstanding teaching.

    Andrew is the best math teacher i have never seen.

    I have experienced his teaching this year for math1003 tutorial and last year's 1002. He is patient and modest. He is willing to discuss questions with us and always gives clear explanation. That lets me understand complicated theorems easily.

    He stimulate my passion to math!

    Finally, I really hope Andrew can gain the Vice-Chancellor's Award.

    Jiajie Yin [received Friday 2 September]

  27. I would love for Andrew to be nominated. I have studied at a few different Universities and Andrew has been the only lecturer to date which made me want to attend lectures. He made a unit which I found difficult, fun and engaging. He thoroughly deserves the recognition for his hard work and fantastic teaching ability.

    Bradley Burge [received Friday 2 September]

  28. Thank you for doing this! I think Mr Crisp is an excellent lecturer. He made things so easy to understand and his notes were gold! He was organised, engaging and care for his students (like a tutor - even though he was a lecturer). I most definatly believe he is deserving of this award.

    Sarah Boyle, Bachelor of Civil Engineering [received Friday 2 September]

  29. I wasn't enrolled in Andrew's lectures last semester for MATH1002, but I consistently viewed his lecture recordings and used his lecture notes because I found them to be the incredibly useful and well explained.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  30. I had the pleasure of being taught by Andrew Crisp during the 2015/16 Summer School, for the UOS - Linear Algebra.

    Andrew's passion for teaching was evident through his endless enthusiasm and willingness to provide assistance at anytime of day, no matter the situation. His ability to effectively communicate complex mathematical problems in a simple manner is unmatched. Andrew's efforts are truly commendable.

    As a side note, I believe if more lecturers within the Maths Department showed even half of Andrew's level of enthusiasm the University's reputation would not only benefit ten fold, student satisfaction would sky rocket.

    I would appreciate remaining anonymous if this is published, however I am happy for Andrew to personally view my words of appreciation.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  31. I would be glad to support Andrew Crisp's nomination for the Vice-Chancellor's Award for outstanding teaching. I have been lucky enough to experience his teaching last semester as a lecturer and this semester as a tutor and have been in awe at his ability to cover content with care. He ensures the understanding of his students and not only seems engaged in his field but also in making sure that it is taught in the best possible manner. I hope for the best for his nomination.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  32. I would love to recognize Andrew Crisp and I don't mind having my name quoted.

    Lakshitha Ravipudi [received Friday 2 September]

  33. Last semester I was doing 1002 linear algebra. I was struggling with the way the majority of the lecturers were explaining the content (it wasn't that they were terrible lecturers, just that for me, I needed to be taught a different way), but then I went to the stream that Andrew Crisp was lecturing. He talked so clearly, used so many examples (which is the best way for me to learn) and just helped me understand the algebra. Hands down, best lecturer I had last semester.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  34. I'm more than willing to support Andrew Crisp for the Award! He has been the most impressive math teacher I met so far! Clear notes and comprehensive explanation make it quite easy to follow and learn. He usually uploads next lectures' notes and this is quite helpful for preparing for class. Would love to learn more math with him!

    Ziwei Chang [received Friday 2 September]

  35. I was enrolled in Andrew Crisps' MATH1002 class this semester and he was by far the best lecturer and he has set the bar for other lecturers not only in math but in other subjects. I know for a fact that a lot of my friends who were enrolled into other lecture streams made the enormous effort to attend his lectures because he was the best. Thank you for nominating him and I really hope he gets the recognition.

    Anonymous [received Friday 2 September]

  36. I would love to help Andrew receive recognition for his efforts. I had Andrew for MATH1002 during summer school 2016 and by far he has been the most enthusiastic, dedicated lecturer/tutor. The university needs more staff like him!!

    As a preservice teacher, I deeply admire Andrews efforts. His quality of notes and lecture presentation is truly inspiring.

    Katherine Muscat [received Thursday 1 September]

  37. YES, I would like to nominate him. I'm pretty lucky to get him as my lecturer for my math1002 last semester. He's really passionate and I have never been bored during his class (i attend almost all of them). He deserves this. I don't mind if my name to appear on the list!

    Samuel Yose Lee [received Thursday 1 September]

  38. I agree with you, Andrew Crisp has been a wonderfull teacher and I'm willing to nominate for him. I also give permission for my name to be use in the contribution.

    Atiya [received Thursday 1 September]

  39. I would fully support this nomination as I think he is being more than qualified as a lecturer and he is a good one. Not only did he teach in a clear precise manner, he is always willing to help the students. He speaks slow and clear English which is easy to understand. His notes and examples are good with step by step solutions. I personally changed from other lectures and attended his lectures and I fell in love with it. His teaching is very helpful and I scored a Distinction for my MATH1002.

    Joanne Ji Yi Ling [received Thursday 1 September]

  40. Just wanted to tell you that andrew crisp is a life saver! I tried all lectures for math 1002 , i didnt understand a thing. However in my first lesson with andrew i loved it absolutely loved his teaching style and techniques very to the point and gave us straight out examples, with little study i scored 82% as an overall just by watching his lectures. I wish he could teach me in 2nd year maths he is great.

    Chamoun Soumi [received Thursday 1 September]

  41. Andrew Crisp brings an exceptional passion and vigour to mathematics. As a first year student this year, I have often been intimidated when approaching lecturers following class. Indeed, it was this same jittery feeling I had when i walked up to Andrew, textbook open, ready to nervously stutter my question and sprint away once he had finished talking.

    However, Andrew brought a fervour of empathy at such a question. He was patient and explained the solution concisely as I continued bombarding him with follow up questions. After i had exhausted such questions i sprinted away, not out of fear, not feeling a sense of doubt but ready to tackle the next exercise.

    I do recruitment for our University and frequently talk about my own experiences to prospective year 12 students. It's my experience with Andrew and other teaching staff, where i feel like i am sprouting intellectually, not the Hogwartsy sandstone, that brings out the magic at the University of Sydney.

    William Zhou [received Thursday 1 September]

  42. I would like to nominate for Andrew Crisp. He had humour which made maths fun. Please make this anonymous.

    Anonymous [received Thursday 1 September]

  43. It would be my genuine pleasure to nominate for such a great teacher like Andrew. I would appreciate it if you could be so kind and pass on my vote anonymously and i also would like to nominate him myself but am unsure how.

    Anonymous [received Thursday 1 September]

  44. I'll keep this short but one thing that really stood out was how Andrew was present half an hour before his lectures and would stand outside the room and conversate with students who needed assistance. Not much lecturers come on time let alone earlier than his timetabled session. His teaching technique reallly caught my attention and never lost my attention or bored me at all rather it helped me grasp the concepts associated with linear algebra. I was enrolled in another lecture and actually understood nothing from the lessons and stopped attending the lectures, till half the semester when i thought id try andrews lectures and from then on, i enjoyed the subject !! Such an approachable lecture regardless of consultation times and his busy schedule.. he always made time to help with a smile and never stopped till youd fully understand the concept! Wish he taught me something this semester!

    Nicole Fajloun [received Thursday 1 September]

  45. Hello! I would more than happy to provide a testimonial:

    I must admit I do not jump at the opportunity to do maths. I was actually pretty disappointed to find out it was compulsory to do maths in my first year of a science degree. Despite this, I came out of this compulsory learning experience with a solid understanding of linear algebra to ground the rest of my science studies.

    Andrew Crisp's lectures were clear, concise and easy to follow. I was also lucky enough to have him as a tutor and he went above and beyond and even offered to mark spare quizzes for us.

    I believe Andrew Crisp is more than deserving of this award and should be recognised for his amazing efforts!

    Cindy Liu [received Thursday 1 September]

  46. I have learnt mathematics during the summer school. He is a good explainer and make sure that we understand the material. I will definitely support this idea of nomination. He identified the potential in students and he taught us accordingly.

    Anonymous [received Thursday 1 September]

  47. Yes, I would like to nominate Andrew Crisp for the award. I went to a couple of consultations run by him for MATH1002. He is very patient teacher and explains the concepts very thoroughly. He also guided us on how to tackle hard questions in the exam and even improve the way we think and approach the questions. Due to his help, I remember algebraic concepts easily and feel prepared for the final exam.

    Thireindar Min [received Thursday 1 September]

  48. I had the privilege of being taught by Andrew Crisp last semester for MATH1002. Andrew was extremely approachable during tutorials and supportive towards all math students. I thoroughly enjoyed attending his classes and want to commend him for his superb teaching! It was refreshing to have such an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who was able to translate even the most complicated problems into something understandable and relatable. I fully support Andrew's nomination for a teaching award and hope to be lucky enough to have him as a tutor or lecturer again in the future.

    Chloe Segal [received Thursday 1 September]

  49. I would like to nominate Andrew due to his outstanding ability to summarise math content in a compact but easy to understand way, converting a complex area into a simple concept. This is further supported through his provision of preferred techniques.

    Sebastian Bird [received Thursday 1 September]

  50. I had the pleasure of having Andrew as a mathematics tutor during summer school and I can, without a doubt, support his nomination for the Vice chancellors award for outstanding teaching. He personifies maths as though it's more of a friend than subject.

    Angelica Panopoulos [received Thursday 1 September]

  51. I am very passionate about supporting this award nomination for Andrew. I undertook his MATH1002 Linear Algebra and MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics courses in Summer School this year and have never had a math teacher as fantastic as Andrew in delivering the content and making it easy to understand. I have always struggled with maths, and had not experience any teacher that has been able to help facilitate my understanding like Andrew did through his great teaching styles and method. Andrew greatly improved my experience with mathematic courses, as well as my confidence ' with my math skills and a new appreciation for the subject.

    Jessica Fabri, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science [received Thursday 1 September]

  52. I wholeheartedly agree with the nomination of Andrew Crisp. Andrew has the great gift of being able to teach with astounding clarity. From the very beginning of each lecture, he sets out a clearly defined, unambiguous trajectory for the rest of the lesson. Explanations were extremely easy to follow, and I found that they were able to appeal on a very intuitive level - it was simple to understand even the most difficult concepts when explained well by Andrew. In fact, I was able to listen to his lectures at twice the normal speed, and still understand easily - a testament to the great clarity with which he delivered his lectures.

    Not only was Andrew an excellent teacher, but a great 'person' as well. He was always eager to help students, and had a very willing and supportive attitude. I had the impression that teaching for him was not a burden or a drag, but something that did with great joy. As a result of the energy he brought to each lecture, I too also looked forwards to each lecture. He made an otherwise scary and unfamiliar first semester of university more welcoming and bearable.

    Otto Zhang [received Thursday 1 September]

  53. I am ecstatic to hear of the nomination of Andrew Crisp for a teaching award! I can say, on behalf of many students whom attended his MATH1002 lectures, that in his enthusiasm and teaching abilities he is very deserving of this award. In addition to his thorough understanding of the content and detailed explanations, his willingness to actively engage in helping students understand the content was much appreciated. His presentation and explanation skills are also outstanding which greatly enhanced the enjoyability of his lectures.

    Fiona Ya Ching Gao [received Thursday 1 September]

  54. I heard about Crisp through a friend who told me he was just easily the best lecturer. I used to even rewatch his lectures because they were so good. I felt like he spoke my language and that everything he said had a purpose and made sense. And he had enthusiasm!

    Rachel Dowavic [received Thursday 1 September]

  55. Andrew Crisp is quite easily the best lecturer I had last semester and, dare I say, made math lectures enjoyable. The conviction and passion he has for mathematics and for the students is unparalleled. I approached him during the last week of the Semester to express to him my gratitude for his enthusiasm and to commend his style of teaching and asked if he would be teaching any other courses in the future so that I could purposely seat his stream. I was heart broken to know that this was a rarity and may never happen again. I felt it was a shame and an absolute waste of such an amazing teacher to not have him teach further courses. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support his nomination for the Vice-Chancellor's Award for outstanding teaching.

    I was not actually assigned to his stream, but after not finding the spark of enthusiasm I was looking for from other lecturers, a handful of students suggested him to me. After seeing his carefully crafted and beautiful course notes online and hearing the passion in his voice in a lecture recording, I was convinced and made an effort to show up. I will make sure the few of my peers I know who had his courses know about this email, though I am optimistic to think that if I dropped what I was doing to reply to this matter, I would hope others do as well.

    While my outcomes for 1002 were not ideal due to a slew of extenuating circumstances and generally feeling overloaded with coursework and I will be repeating the course this summer, I would not have been as encouraged to try and keep up with the course material if I hadn't had such a great lecturer. Having a better handle on Uni this semester, I would jump at the chance to take his course again and actually utilize his office hours (this is where I casually suggest he be placed on duty for the summer session... though I saved all of his notes and lectures just in case). It is hard to explain, but I have a small feeling of enthusiasm at the opportunity to reseat this course and perform better with less on my schedule. Not sure how many students have ever said that about repeating a maths course, but surely it is Andrew that incited this feeling.

    It is extremely evident that Andrew has a positive attitude and is an outstanding teacher. I feel like I could keep gushing compliments but I'm not sure they'll help. I know you mentioned in your email that we could nominate him ourselves and while I would wholeheartedly do that to increase his chances, my course work has hit peak level with mid Semester exams this next week so I'm not sure how feasible that would be.

    Thank you for doing this, it is was apparent to me that Andrew is very humble and modest; this is a much deserved nomination. Feel free to use my name or contact me if you have any further questions.

    Jamen Wills [received Thursday 1 September]

  56. Andrew Crisp was both my MATH1002 tutor and lecturer, and I owe the majority of my success in the subject to his amazing teaching. He was able to simplify complex mathematics and explain them so that I both understood the material and also became interested in the concepts behind them. Not only is he extremely willing to give his time to help as many students as he can, he is the fantastic lecturer who immediately comes to the top of my mind whenever someone asks about the quality of teaching at this university. He is absolutely deserving of recognition for his work.

    Sarah Yingxin Cui [received Thursday 1 September]

  57. I would like to be anonymous but would like to support the nomination. I never had Andrew as a lecturer as my timetable clashed with his lectures last semester but when studying i only used his lecture notes because they were the easiest to understand, read and follow. So they were a big help to me

    Anonymous [received Thursday 1 September]

  58. I would fully support nominating Andrew for this award. He was among my best lecturers from last semester and absolutely a standout now I have moved into second semester. He taught with great clarity and with a complete lack of arrogance, always encouraging us to seek other solutions or methods of learning should we feel that better options for our own development were available. It was a blessing having his lecture notes put up online before the lecture and I was definitely jealous of one of my friends who had him as a tutor!! I certainly hope to be able to experience his amazing teaching techniques again before I move on from the mathematical foundations of my degree. I'm more than happy for you to quote me.

    Best of luck with it all!! I really did appreciate having Crispy as we called him, for a lecturer and even walked past every other lecture theatre on my way from college to trek it to PNR and the Architecture building to listen to him!!

    Edwina Hobson, First Year Commerce/Engineering student [received Thursday 1 September]

  59. I've only had him for 6 weeks but he is one of the best maths tutors I have had!

    Claudia Farnsworth [received Thursday 1 September]

  60. To keep it brief, Andrew was my tutor last semester. In my opinion, he showed a remarkable level of enthusiasm and a willingness to help us with our learning. Many tutors are very passive but Andrew bounced around the class making sure that every student understood what they were doing. I highly support his nomination and hope to see a positive outcome for him.

    William Hodge [received Thursday 1 September]

  61. Andrew Crisp is amazing. I've been lucky enough to have him as a lecturer twice as well as having the absolute pleasure of having him as a tutor. For someone to make content so relatable is a true gift. Seeing his dedication to achieve clairty of thought in his students is inspiring. I am genuinely surprised that there's not a Crisp appreciation society.

    Michael Gill [received Thursday 1 September]

  62. I had the pleasure of being lectured by Andrew Crisp last semester in Linear Algebra 1002. I am so glad to hear that he is being nominated because I found him to be exceptional in terms of engagement with his students. In the rather difficult situation (that being 8am mathematics with large numbers of less than eager students) Andrew was able to make everyone laugh and care about what he had to teach us. On top of this he had a way of presenting the material that made it approachable and understandable. He really is a stand out lecturer and I hope he gets recognised as being so.

    Megan Findlay [received Thursday 1 September]

  63. I would love to wholeheartedly support Andrew Crisp in his nomination for this award. He is an inspiration to everyone who has the privellage of being his student.

    Natalie Tan [received Thursday 1 September]

  64. I have had the chance to be lectured by Andrew Crisp in MATH1002 during the summer school of 2016 and I strongly believe he is one of the best lecturers I have had in my time at the university.

    He seems to be very passionate about what he teaches.

    He is very animated and clear when he speaks, he takes the time to articulate and explain things intelligently, and since it was a summer school course I was very impressed at how well he lectured considering he had to go through every chapter quickly.

    I would like to add that I noticed that he took the time to write the course down on the board as he spoke, which is much better for us students to learn and take notes, and unfortunately this is an effort that very few lecturers do.

    To summarise, I very much enjoyed his teaching during the summer school, and I hope this helps for his nomination.

    Clement Bailleul [received Thursday 1 September]