Recent Research

My current projects, along with the names of collaborators, are:
The singularity structure of integrable equations
  Mappings based on singularity structure; hierarchies, Backlund transformations (Clarkson, Gordoa, Pickering)
  The Painlev\'e property of soliton PDEs ( Petersen, Srinivasan)
  Singularity expansions of ODEs (Kruskal)
Discrete or difference equations
  q-difference equations (Nijhoff, Pyrlis)
  Discrete Painlev\'e equations and linearizations (Cresswell)
Complex Asymptotics
  Asymptotic studies of the Painlev\'e equations (Kitaev)
  Nonlinear asymptotics beyond all orders (Kruskal)
  Chazy and other equations with wild singularity structure (Cosgrove,Kruskal)

My research is supported by an ARC Senior Research Fellowship, ARC large grants:

  • Complex Asymptotics and Integrability (1998-2000)
  • The Global Painlev\'e Property of Soliton Equations (1995-97)
  • The Singularity Structure of Soliton Equations (1992-94)
and other grants.

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