Learning and teaching in summer: is it better and why?

David Easdown, Tiho Ancev, Thomas Bishop, Sarah Mansfield, Anna Ougrinovskaia, Neil Saunders, Di Warren


There is some anecdotal evidence that students taking first year mathematics and statistics units have superior learning outcomes and overall satisfaction by completing these units at Summer School rather than during term-time. This paper examines some of the issues and evidence, with the intention of initiating scholarly enquiries that investigate reasons and influences for improved performance and the success or otherwise of intensive courses in general. Such enquiries should be encouraged: findings may have implications for giving students appropriate advice, particularly for those at risk, and also for improving teaching practices and the quality of learning generally and, in particular, during term-time.

Keywords: learning and teaching mathematics, summer school, intensive courses.

AMS Subject Classification: Primary 97D10; secondary 97C60.

This paper is available as a pdf (63kB) file.

Friday, August 21, 2009