Purpose of the Test

Advanced units of mathematics are designed for students who have both a strong background and keen interest in mathematics. The assumed knowledge for advanced first year units is HSC Mathematics Extension 2 (or equivalent). You are encouraged to consider enrolling in advanced units if you have a good result in Mathematics Extension 2, and an ATAR of at least 90. However, even if you do meet these requirements, it is not necessarily wise to choose advanced units. Advanced mathematics at Sydney University is different from mathematics at school. It is more formal, with an emphasis on concepts, and this does not suit all students who have been successful in mathematics at school.

This test has been devised to help you decide whether or not to enrol in advanced mathematics units of study in first year.

The test is purely for self-assessment, and does not form part of the assessment for MATH1901 (or any other junior mathematics unit) in any way.

In order to get the most benefit from the test you should complete it in about 20 minutes, without any help (from books, notes or other people).

There are 15 questions, and you should answer all 15 before submitting your answers. You will then be told how many questions you answered correctly, and given some advice relating to enrolment in advanced units.

If you are currently enrolled in first year mathematics at the University of Sydney, please enter your name and SID before starting the test. (This information will allow us to check the validity of the test, and hence provide better feedback.)

For questions or comments please contact webmaster@maths.usyd.edu.au