Note: this is the 2010 puzzlehunt website, the 2011 puzzlehunt is here

Welcome to the Sydney University Mathematics Society Puzzle Hunt 2010!

The Puzzle Hunt is over!

Tell us what you thought of our puzzle hunt! Send us feedback!

A big thank you to everybody who participated! We hope you had as much fun solving our puzzles as we had writing them! The puzzles will remain available and you can freely check your answers on the solve page. The solutions have now been released.

Congratulations to plugh for winning, for the second consecutive time! We believe they are very deserving of first place.
The prize winners are:

First Placeplugh
Second PlaceExtras
Third PlaceWild Goldfish: Rhesus Thesis

Special mention must also go to CISRA Puzzlers for being the first Australian team to solve the Meta Puzzle. They will win copies of "The Annotated Alice" for each Australian resident member!

The random prize has been selected. Congratualtions to #mise who are the lucky winners.

We will greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with feedback. Please email us to tell us what you think.

The full log of guesses is available!

Registration has now closed

The Meta Puzzle has been released. There is a special prize of Martin Gardner's "The Annotated Alice" by Lewis Carroll for the first Australian team to solve the meta puzzle.

The Puzzle Hunt has begun! Go right ahead and solve the puzzles! Best of luck!
The Prologue has now been released. It can be found on the Puzzles page.

There will be a random prize this year awarded at random to a team which solves at least one puzzle per act and has not won another prize.

The rules have been updated to specify the number of guesses for this year's meta puzzle.

Registration for the Puzzle Hunt is now open!

After a successful inaugural Hunt in 2009, ΣUMS is back with what we hope to be an even better puzzle contest in 2010!

Get into teams of up to 5 people for an intense week of puzzle solving, beginning Monday, 2nd of August, 2010! There will be HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of prizes for the top three ranking Australian teams, with first place to take home $300. There may also be a mystery bonus prize again this year...

We emphasise that, though we are a mathematics society, this is not a contest full of maths problems! The puzzles are designed to not require any specialist knowledge so they should be quite accessible for everyone. There is a huge range of puzzle styles ranging from picture, word, logic, cryptic to a whole lot more. To get an idea of what to expect, feel free to check out the puzzles from last year's hunt.

Check out the rules and FAQ for more information.

If you would like to know more about ΣUMS, please go to our webpage.

If you have any queries about the Puzzle Hunt, feel free to send us an email at sums(at)maths.usyd.edu.au

The ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt is proudly sponsored the School of Mathematics and Statistics, USYD.

The HUNT is on!