Solutions for Act I Scene 1 - Ambidextrous

The title and brain seem to be hinting at the left and right hands. If we leap to a computer for whatever reason we think it might be helpful, we might notice that some of these words are particularly awkward to type. Otherwise, lots of letters seem to appear in words together. On closer inspection we realise that the letters used are partitioned into two sets, and each word only uses letters from one of those sets. Surely this clear division into two has something to do with left/right division. In fact, the letters are divided up by whether they are (most commonly) typed with the left or right hands!

We're clearly onto something, but where to next? Maybe we've decided that the left/right idea is suggesting to look at the left or right parts of words. It's a bit of a leap, but if we try looking for the correct parts of words to take, we realise that taking the leftmost letter of left-handed words and rightmost letter of the right-handed words spells "NEWWORLDSYMPHONYCOMPOSER". The answer is then Dvorak, the name of the composer from the Eastern Hemisphere who wrote the symphony while visiting the Western Hemisphere, and the name of an alternative keyboard layout to QWERTY.

The answer is: dvorak