Solutions for Act I Scene 3 - Elementary Code

The puzzle solution requires only the names of the elements upon each individual shelf. First all of the elements are converted into their chemical symbols. For example on shelf one has C U H S. Notice that this anagrams uniquely (in Enlgish) to SUCH. This procedue, with unique anagrams, can be repeated for all the shelves. Reading the first letter of each word, on each shelf gives, SAMUELFB. This was a hint to indicate that one had to use Morse code to obtain the solution. The puzzle does not stop here, since Morse is hardly related to the chemical elements and therefore is not a fitting final answer. Noting that the chemical symbols either have a length of one or two letters, one can map the words on the shelf to a letter in Morse code. In the case of shelf one SUCH corresponds to ...., which represents H. The following table shows the shelves, the chemical symbols, the words and the Morse representation. Decoding the Morse code gives the final answer.
1C U H SSUCH .... H
2 S Re Au Te AuSTeRe -.-- Y
3 K N Mo MoNK -.. D
4 U O Nd UNdO .-. R
5 Ta Te Es EsTaTe --- O
6 Y La Er W LaWYEr -..- X
7 Cs O Li Fr FrOLiCs -.-- Y
8 As I B N BAsIN .-.. L
The answer is: hydroxyl