Solutions for Act II Scene 2 - Parrot

What an odd looking puzzle. There appears to be a list of short phrases being mindlessly repeated by a brightly coloured bird. On top of that, the puzzle is titled "Parrot" - what could this mean? Well, two things, in fact. The word parrot can mean both "to mindlessly repeat" and "a type of brightly coloured bird". Surely it is no accident that both of these meanings are demonstrated in the puzzle, and we see that it isn't.

The key to this puzzle is realising that each clue is actually two words or phases which describe two different meanings of the same word. Thus, the words we are looking for are polysemes - words which have more than one meaning. For example, angle can mean both "to fish" and "corner". By splitting up each clue appropriately, we obtain the following list of words:

fish; cornerangle
idle; breadloaf
spud bud; stareeye
unknown; spot marker (symbolic)X
killed; a large numberslew
cover inside; rowline
feeling; gasesatmosphere/air
select one; recordsingle
fatal; computerterminal
mock; playthingtoy
sound perception; proceedinghearing
resurrected; flowerrose
precise; demandexact
dirt; worldearth
insinuate; invertebrateworm
request; commandorder
standing; smellyrank
sad; feathersdown
declare; conditionstate

Reading the first letter of each answer gives "Alex's last three words." A quick web search reveals that there was a very intelligent African Grey Parrot named Alex, who could actually understand the words he was saying - not just repeat mindlessly. His last three words before his untimely death were "I love you."

And yes, the parrot you see is a Scarlet Macaw, very much like the one seen here.
The answer is: iloveyou