Solutions for Act III Scene 4 - City Crowns

Presented is what appears to be a street map, labelled with numeric coordinates and marked with ten points, and a set of instructions relating to those points. The Statue of Liberty watermark indicates where this mysterious location to be: a look at any map of New York City reveals a familiar-looking grid of streets (running west to east) and avenues (running north to south) in Manhattan's Midtown district. The horizontal coordinates refer to street numbers, and the vertical coordinates refer to avenue numbers, as confirmed by both the compass and notable landmarks on the map (Grand Central Station, Broadway, Central Park, Lexington and Madison Avenues).

We then consider what these ten spot markers could represent. A look at Google Maps reveals a strong link between the locations: they are all skyscrapers. With a bit of further research, all ten towers can be identifed.

a) Olympic Tower
b) Bloomberg Tower
c) New York Times Building
d) CitySpire Center
e) MetLife Building
f) Carnegie Hall Tower
g) Citigroup Center
h) Bank of America Tower
i) Trump World Tower
j) GE Building

However, this does not seem to yield any further clues. We turn our attention to the set of ten instructions below the map, which at first glance would seem to indicate we need to "connect the dots" - but doing so on a flat map gives us nothing meaningful, nor does it explain why we should be interested in skyscrapers specifically.

In fact, as hinted at by the title, we need to connect the crowns (peaks) of the skyscrapers, and this means our overhead street map view is no longer of much help. By following the perspective shift already hinted at by the presented map, we imagine ourselves standing far to the east, looking at the skyline created by these ten towers. This also gives us a satisfying way to use information about the given towers: specifically, their heights, easily retrieved using Wikipedia. Plotting "crown" height against the horizontal street axis gives us a new arrangement of dots:

Connecting the dots from this new perspective gives us something useful, namely ten numbers:

We now have a number corresponding to each building name - these numbers index the letter we want from each name.

a) Olympic Tower 4 M
b) Bloomberg Tower 4 O
c) New York Times Building 1 N
d) CitySpire Center 5 S
e) MetLife Building 3 T
f) Carnegie Hall Tower 8 E
g) Citigroup Center 6 R
h) Bank of America Tower 7 A
i) Trump World Tower 5 P
j) GE Building 2 E

The correct message is "MONSTERAPE" - a description of King Kong, whose crown was certainly the highest point in New York City while he stood atop the Empire State Building.

The answer is: kingkong