Solutions for Act V Scene 2 - Combination

This may look like some funky jigsaw puzzle, but any attempt to fit them together in the conventional fashion fails rather quickly. There is very little information to go on, apart form the shapes and the gradients. The shapes look rather strange, so look at the gradients instead.

One would expect the pieces to come from a picture with a consistent gradient. The (probably not so) obvious thing to try is matching the darker bits. There are four such pieces, two of which have a corner with a very apparent dark to light transition. In fact, when these two corners are positioned directly opposite to each other, the boundary lines seem to continue on naturally.

This calls for a matching of corners as well. Try match them so each pair of touching corners creates a pair of nice intersecting curves, while still matching the gradient. After some trial and error (there is only so much you could do with eight pieces), we arrive at this picture.

Following each curve through the corners, we can identify five shapes: heart, circle, flame, cloud and water drop. They might seem to be some well known set of elements, but the heart gives it away... "Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! Go, Planet! By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet."

N.B. This puzzle closely relates to the following result: The plane, when divided into regions by closed curves, can always be coloured using only two colours, such that no two adjacent regions have the same colour!

The answer is: captainplanet