Solutions for Act I Scene 2 - Hair Raiser

What a strange collection of people. Their hairstyles certainly stand out but what is perhaps most striking are their faces. Indeed, those aren't any ordinary eye sockets! We hope most people would be able to recognise at least one of the faces being a power socket. In fact, these are all standard socket types in current use - each with a type letter. These are recorded in the table below, alongside the corresponding hairstyle.

Hairstyle Socket type
flat top F
cornrows D
liberty spikes L
pigtails A
afro D
beehive E
odango D
mullet F
undercut H
mohawk E
hi-top fade I
tonsure C
bowlcut G
ponytail D
combover B
chonmage D
dreadlocks C

Now the socket letters do not spell anything meaningful but they are all letters from early in the alphabet, so perhaps they can be used to index letters in the name of the hairstyle. For example, a socket of type F would specify the sixth letter of the corresponding hairstyle. Doing so gives us the phrase "ONE-POINT-TWENTY-ONE". A quick web search reveals that 1.21 gigawatts is the amount of power required by the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future films, as exclaimed by Doc Brown. This is a most certainly hair-raising amount of power!

Note: The characters are dressed in Marty McFly's signature outfit, as a small confirmation for the Back to the Future theme. The pink bowties were added to subtly hint that they were female power sockets.

The answer is: gigawatts