Solutions for Act IV Scene 3 - Cells

In this puzzle we are presented with a petri dish of bacteria, neatly arranged in a gridded format. We note that there are several letters stacked inside each bacterium and we notice that the bacterium have three colours.

The first step is to identify all stacked up letters and note their configuration. The letters spell CONWAY and the configuration of each letter is shown in the picture below:

The combined ideas of bacteria, cells, the gridded arrangement and the hint Conway indicates the Game of Life. The different configurations for each letter represents an initial condition for the Game of Life.

The three colours was intended to hint that each configuration should be iterated 3 times, however, upon iterating one should notice that each inital condition evolves to be a letter after exactly three iterations. Note that the cells are contained within their petri dish and no cells can exist outside of the five by five grid that the dish defines.

Evolving all the states as given in the previous diagrams yeilds:

Which gives ZOMBIE as the final, undead, answer.
The answer is: zombie