Solutions for Act V Scene 1 - Lime Tucky

The nonsensical title is screaming to be spoonerised to form the two word phrase "time lucky". This fragment seems in complete, a fact that is remedied by the addition of another word: "third", perhaps. This informs the puzzler of the basic mechanic of the whole puzzle: to complete the spoonerisms.

Immediately, though, one will see that the puzzle clues are not well spoonerised, nor are all of them even two words - they are however quite obviously made up of two parts. It isn't hard to start trying synonyms of the parts of the clues that do spoonerise. I good starting point would perhaps be "Satellite 10th letter", which clues "moon J", which spoonerise to form "june may". This implies the missing third of the pair is "April". If we continue this for all the clues we get:

This guy grillhe searsee hearspeak
Clear leaves sandbarrake shoalshake rollrattle
Satellite 10th lettermoon Jjune mayapril
Omen one who connectssign linkerline sinkerhook
Supper viatea throughthree twoone
Signatured double agentsigned molemind soulbody
Marry ritualwed rightred whiteblue
Exhale chimesigh bellbuy selltrade
Crotchet hurlsnote throwsthroat noseear
Paddle 24 hoursrow daydo remi
Phony doctor unit of heredityquack genejack queenking

Finally, taking the highlighted letters, we spell out: ALIKEOBTAIN, which applying the same mechanic to yields SAME GET, spoonerising to GAME SET a phrase that ends with MATCH

The answer is: match