Solutions for Act V Scene 2 - Fractus

The first step to this puzzle is to put together the jigsaw pieces. In the solved state, each piece should either fit snugly between two or more other pieces, or continue the lines drawn from the edges of another piece. The result should look something like this:

Next we want to work out what we're looking at. Some letters should be apparent; for instance there is an intact V, the curved pieces seem to come together to form a C and a D, and an E and N are recognisable on the opposite side. Indeed We seem to have a pile of letters stacked on top of one another. Identifying the long rectangles as I's gives a full set of letters, but they don't seem to anagram to give anything nice.

Instead we need to look at the stacking order in more detail. Currently only the V is completely visible, but if we imagine picking it up and removing it, the E and one of the I's should become completely visible. If we continue in this way, picking up letters only when there is nothing left on top of them, we arrive at the following diagram, where a letter becomes available for removal only after any letter pointing to it has been removed:

Reading from the top down and taking every possible path gives the strings VENI, VIDI, VICI. These three words come together to make the famous Latin phrase supposedly coined by Caesar ("I came, I saw, I conquered"), and the title Fractus (suggesting the phrase "broken Latin") confirms this is the answer we're looking for.

The answer is: venividivici