Solutions for Act V Scene 3 - Test Chamber

This is an interesting maze! Clearly we're looking for a path from one black spot to the other, yet neither starting point offers a way to escape the corner. It seems we have to determine the rules of the maze - specifically, the function of the strange coloured walls.

The title is our first hint: a reference to the puzzling "test chambers" of popular video game Portal. This, and the fact that the coloured walls come in pairs and have black walls in corresponding places, suggests that they may be portals. Using the arrow on each wall to determine its orientation, we can enter a portal and safely emerge from the other side. The only thing left to figure out is which side we emerge from after entering a portal - but the giant blue and red portals around the outside necessitate that the side we enter is the side we come out.

We now have everything we need to solve the maze. Navigating the portals can be confusing at first, but once you've got the hang of it, it shouldn't take too long to find the path between the black spots (see below).

Reading from bottom-left to top-right, our path passes through the letters "OUTOFREACH". This doesn't make sense as the answer, but in fact tells us precisely where the answer lies: in the letters that cannot be reached from the black spots. These letters can be discovered by starting from each letter and trying to reach the main path, or by starting from the main path and marking all the corridors accessible from there. The isolated sections and letters are highlighted in the image below.

As we can see, the "out of reach" letters spell TRIUMPH - something this testing session, like another, definitely was.

The answer is: triumph