Solutions for Act V Scene 1 - Dotty

We are presented with a series of dots, almost half of which are numbered and the others not. The temptation is to treat this as a dot-to-dot puzzle, but this uses only half the information given and results in nothing recognisable. The important thing to note here is that from each numbered point, there are at least two unnumbered points that are equidistant from it. This implies each numbered point can represent the centre of at least one circle that passes through at least two unnumbered points. The leap here is hinted slightly by the title - dots, after all, are themselves circles.

If we start with Point 1 and treat it as the centre of some circle, it soon becomes apparent that the faded arrow is a tangent to the circle with centre Point 1 and passing through two other unnumbered points. This confirms our suspicions while also supplying a little more information: the arrow gives direction, and emphasises one of the two arcs of the circle bound by the two unnumbered points. Also noteworthy is if we draw the described arc that the arrow lies tangent to, the point the arc ends at is one of two unnumbered points equidistant from Point 2.

The implication then is that we want to change our centre to Point 2 and draw the clockwise arc that stretches from the unnumbered point we just ended at to some other unnumbered point. From here, we will change centres to Point 3, etc. Ultimately the resulting image is:

This image looks like the classic Disney mouse ears with a bow attached, implying the character Minnie Mouse. The title meant to hint that this was the correct answer by virtue of the fact Minnie Mouse's bow is typically dotty itself, while cartoon characters and even the strange way of completing this dot-to-dot could also be described as "dotty" (in the "crazy" sense of the word).

The answer is: minniemouse