Solutions for Act I Scene 3 - Untitled Puzzle

Word Language Translation Book Author (-th letter)
PIGE (5) Danish Girl The Danish Girl Ebershoff, David S
ILK SOZ (3) Turkish Gambit The Turkish Gambit Akunin, Boris U
HUI GUNIANG (2) Chinese Cinderella Chinese Cinderella Yen Mah, Adeline E
SONETOS DO (1) Portuguese Sonnets from Sonnets from the Portuguese Barrett Browning, Elizabeth B
TREVERK (3) Norwegian Wood Norwegian Wood Murakami, Haruki R
PATIENT (1) English Patient The English Patient Ondaatje, Michael O
RACCONTI POPOLARI (7) Italian Folktales Italian Folktales Calvino, Italo O
GUTE (1) German Good The Good German Kanon, Joseph K
FEMME DU LIEUTENANT (6) French Lieutenant's Woman The French Lieutenant's Woman Fowles, John S

Sue Brooks is a director whose work includes "Japanese Story". Following the theme of the puzzle, we translate "Story" into Japanese, giving "sutori". The steps to the solution are reinforced by the translate > work > author > author > work > translate symmetry.

Note that "story" in Google Translate gives "monogatari", which was not an accepted answer, as "Story" is a title and "story" is not (Google Translate of course gives "sutori" for the capitalised "Story"). This definition was further supported by being the word used in the Japanese Wikipedia page for the film in question.

The answer is: sutori