Solutions for Act III Scene 1 - Trading Link

We have a grid of locations, one of which is marked "You are here", suggesting this is a map of some sort and that the positions of these locations is important. But where are we? Many of the locations provide a clue: archery range, mask shop, windmill, fortress, great tree, graveyard, forest...combined with the mention of "Link" in the title, these locations rouse memories of The Legend of Zelda - in particular, Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64.

Then what does "trading" mean in the title, and why might Link be doing it? As memory (or a quick Google search of "Zelda" and "trading") serves, most Zelda games feature an optional 'trading quest' involving travelling all over the game world making a sequence of swaps, leading to a powerful item. In Ocarina, that quest is for Biggoron's Sword. The items in that trading sequence are:

Pocket Egg / Pocket Cucco
Odd Mushroom
Odd Potion
Poacher's Saw
Broken Goron's Sword
Eyeball Frog
Eye Drops
Claim Check
Biggoron's Sword

Some of these items definitely stand out: Cojiro for example is a rare blue cucco, who we might expect to find in a place called the "Blue Barn". All of the other items sound like they could be found in a certain location in the puzzle as well:

Pocket Egg / Pocket Cucco Farm
Cojiro Blue Barn
Odd Mushroom Forest
Odd Potion Brewery
Poacher's Saw Carpenter
Broken Goron's Sword Antique Shop
Prescription Doctor
Eyeball Frog Pond
Eye Drops Chemist
Claim Check Bank
Biggoron's Sword Blacksmith

Since we've already identified that this grid is some sort of map, and given the alternate meaning of "Link" in the title, moving between these locations from our start point in the Music Shop is a natural thing to try. Whether we start from the beginning or end of the sequence, it soon becomes clear that we're only making vertical or horizontal movements, suggesting we're on the right track. But what next? The movements don't seem to draw any pictures nor do they give us any letters.

The only piece of information we haven't used is why we started in a Music Shop. Indeed, this is a hint at the final step: converting the trade sequence movements into music. Playing our movements, ULRULRULRLR, using the C-Buttons on Link's ocarina in Ocarina of Time (or Majora's Mask) gives us the melody for Epona's Song, the answer.

The answer is: eponassong