Solutions for Act III Scene 2 - Timing Diagram

What a bizarre diagram! The title indicates that this puzzle should be interpreted as a timing diagram, meaning that the lines represent things turning on and off. But what things?

The key step is to realise that each number represents a cell in a 4x4 square grid, with the first digit being the row number and the second digit being the column number. Drawing up the grid and shading in the "on" cells for the first step of time produces something which could be interpreted as the letter G. This is a good sign, and continuing the process produces a message:

The message reads GROUPS SIZE FOUR LETTERS XOR. Here XOR refers to the "exclusive or" operation, where the output is 0 if there are an even number of 1s in the input, 1 otherwise. Noting that there are 24 letters in the message, we can take the letters 4 at a time and expect six outputs.

The outputs spell JUBEAT, an arcade game played using a 4x4 grid of panels requiring precision timing (in a rhythmic sense)!

Design notes:

The numbers down the left hand side of the puzzle were originally the numbers from 1 to 16, but testing showed that this was too unhelpful. Also, this would have meant that the 4x4 grid would be completely unclued. A change was made, as well as a change to the hidden message (the original message was "GROUP INTO FOURS THEN USE XOR", which was ambiguous about what to group). In hindsight this was a good decision.

The answer is: jubeat