Solutions for Act IV Scene 3 - Tracked

The songs in this mix are, in order of their first appearance:

  • Intergalactic - The Beastie Boys
  • True Love - Richard Chamberlain
  • Reckoner - Radiohead
  • Right on - Marvin Gaye
  • Falling - Hercules & Love Affair
  • The Game - Common
  • She Said - The Beatles

This seems to be a pretty varied group of songs, so looking for something they all have in common is a good idea. Looking at the albums these songs all originally appeared on, the connection is that they are all the seventh track of their respective albums. Taking the seventh letter of each song's title spells avenged. Avenged Sevenfold is an American band, and so it follows our answer is AVENGEDSEVENFOLD.

Design notes: The idea for this puzzle was to make a sample-based musical puzzle that (hopefully) didn't mangle the sources too much. The puzzle therefore had to be fairly simple, not relying on timing or tuning (also, I am bad at writing/solving complex puzzles). I decided to just make it quite straightforward, hoping that the fun of tracking down the songs involved would make up for it.

The answer was the first thing I came up with. This, combined with the Track 7 criteria, was a pretty harsh restriction on the songs that could be used. I also deliberately chose a fairly eclectic mix of music, lest solvers think there is some connection between the artists. It also meant that either a) everyone would find something to enjoy about the songs or b) everyone would find something to hate about the songs. To make it less impossible to search for the songs (regrettably, True Love and Falling are reasonably obscure songs) I tried to include enough lyrics to make it searchable, as well as including the title lyrics (although this doesn't help that much).

My main fear was that people would look for complex mechanisms regarding the song timing/artists involved/etc. I tried to make it obvious that most of the choices in the song were for aesthetic purposes only. This also applied to the Vinyl Cover; it was decided that simply presenting a link to an mp3 was too dull. This did have to be kept very simple, so nobody thought it was a part of the puzzle.

One other "hint" was the number of tracks, and the number of letters in the name of the puzzle. It was considered that stronger solvers may be able to get out the answer without fully solving it, but this was an acceptable loss, considering the puzzle was supposed to be fairly easy.

The answer is: avengedsevenfold