Solutions for Act III Scene 3 - A-Z

Each line consists of a list of things naturally associated with numbers. For example, the third line corresponds to months of the year (4=April, 8=August, 12=December etc). As hinted by the title, each list is arranged in alphabetical order. This, together with guessing the largest number in each category should help determined the other lists. The 'War' in the second line should also be a hint that we shouldn't do any calculations with these lists.

We get:

Chemical elements by periodic number
Actors playing The Doctor (Doctor Who) by incarnation (War refers to War Doctor)
Pokemon (Original 151 from first generation) by National Pokedex Number
Roman Numerals

Also note that the catergories are in alphabetical order: Chemical elements, Doctors, Months, Pokemon, Roman numerals. The missing element in each line are:

37 - rubidium
7 - sylvester mccoy
7 - july
64 - kadabra
84 - lxxxiv

The next step is to rearrange our answers in alphabetical order. Doing so reorders the numbers as follows: 7 64 84 37 7. The boxes at the bottom suggest we should combine this into a string of 8 digits. If one performs a web search for "76484377" (without any spaces), it turns out that this is the phone number for MOE'S TAVERN on The Simpsons. Indeed, the title A-Z also refer to looking up a number in a phone directory.

Note: Despite the number spelling out "Smithers" when dialled on a keypad, the number is actually associated with Moe's Tavern. This mistake was committed by Mr Burns.

The answer is: moestavern