Solutions for Act V Scene 4 - Puzzle_20

This puzzle described the likely etymologies of certain Pokémon names. The indicated names in order are: Serperior, Yanma, Nincada, Octillery, Noivern, Yveltal, Morelull, Infernape, Espurr, Sharpedo.

Taking first letters appropriately gives SYNONYMIES.

Note that there was an unfortunate error encountered when constructing the Meta puzzle that erroneously reported SYNONYMIES as an appropriate answer for the twentieth glitch puzzle. It was only after a puzzle had been written with this answer in mind and the glitch page had gone live that we shortly discovered the error. Instead of rewriting the puzzle from scratch and potentially completely confusing teams, the site code was tweaked to make it clear to any teams who solved both "Mazes" and "Puzzle_20" that they should assume their answer to Puzzle_20 was not SYNONYMIES but CLOWNISHNESS.

In order to correct this error for future puzzlers who attempt these puzzles via the archives, we will likely replace the current Puzzle_20 with an updated version that delivers a correct answer for the Meta. The old Puzzle_20 will be archived from this solution page.

The answer is: synonymies