Solutions for Act I Scene 1 - The Connection

This puzzle is a crossword with a couple of complications. Firstly, it is not clear where each answer goes and secondly some of the clues are vague. All the answers have a unique length and therefore can be placed in the grid easily when the correct answer is determined. Some clues are very specific. The art period from the 14th to 17th centuries is the RENAISSANCE, having dark hair leads to BRUNETTE. The less specific clues such as pancake might suggest CREPE and a pattern emerges in the answers. Renaissance, brunnette, and crepe are all French words which have been adopted into English. Such words are called loan words. The puzzle title subtlely hints at 'The French connection' which is a classic movie. Once it is realised all words are loan words from French, solving the clues becomes simpler. The remaining answers are

  • Fasionable: CHIC
  • Pseudonym: NOM DE PLUME
  • Illness: MALAISE
  • Good point: TOUCHE
  • Perfume: EAU DE TOILETTE

Because each answer has unique length the grid can be completed easily.

The intersecting letters, or connections, spell out CHUNNEL in order. This is the nickname for the channel tunnel, the rail connection between England and France.

The answer is: chunnel