Solutions for Act I Scene 2 - Daze

This puzzle presented several (poorly) photoshopped images, most seemingly portraying two combined disparate ideas or words. Some are more recognisable than others, one of the intended "in"s being the top right image of what looks to be a gaming cartridge superimposed on a tree with chairs attached.

This image could more simply be described as a "cartridge in a chair tree", which sounds awfully similar to "a partridge in a pear tree", the first gift listed in the well-known "Twelve Days of Christmas" song. In fact, it turns out that each of these twelve images represents one of the "Twelve Days" gifts with alternative rhymes. The puzzle's title being a homophone for "Days" helps confirm this connection.

It is easier to identify the images by going through the song's list and trying to match rhymes than to work forwards from the images alone. Below is each line of the song in order along with the image meant to rhyme with it, and that image's position in the puzzle's order.

Song lineRhyming imageImage position
a partridge in a pear treecartridge in a chair tree3
two turtle doves Myrtle gloves12
three french hensbench pens9
four calling birdsfalling thirds11
five gold(en) ringsHolden swings5
six geese a-layingNice a-greying10
seven swans a-swimmingcons a-trimming4
eight maids a-milkingblades a-silking 7
nine ladies dancingHades chancing2
ten lords a-leapinggourds a-reaping6
eleven pipers pipingdiapers typing8
twelve drummers drummingplumbers coming1

To extract an answer from this list one might try taking first letters, but there don't seem to be enough vowels to create anything useful. The next most likely letter extraction method then is indexing into words, and conveniently there is one piece of information we have not yet used: the number associated with each line in the song. We can use these numbers to index into the pictured phrases, using the ordering provided in the puzzle - for example, the first image of "plumbers coming" is associated with "twelve drummers drumming", so we can take the twelfth letter of this pictured phrase and write an I over the image.

Continuing this rule gives the following table:

Rhyming imageSong numbernth letter
plumbers coming12I
Hades chancing9N
cartridge in a chair tree1 ("a") C
cons a-trimming7R
Holden swings5E
gourds a-reaping10A
blades a-silking8S
diapers typing11I
bench pens3N
Nice a-greying6G
falling thirds4L
Myrtle gloves2Y

These letters in order spell increasingly, a fitting descriptor for the infamously cumulative song around which this puzzle is based.

Design notes:
The rhyming phrases were chosen based on accuracy of rhyme, letter/length constraints, and recognisability, usually in that order. This was in part due to the difficulty of finding any sort of suitable answer. As a result some words were fairly poorly communicated ("greying" and "silking" being main offenders), but hopefully by the point solvers needed to identify these they had already caught onto the theme.

I spent far too long trying to force what I thought was a much neater answer into this puzzle, before realising it was making it too difficult or finnicky to its detriment. The fact that Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is twelve letters long and occurs thirteenth in the First Folio (13 being the next number expected to appear in a new verse of "Twelve Days") seemed too fitting not to reference, but ultimately this puzzle was meant to be a silly/fun one to appear on the first day and so the more complicated answer (which would've required at least two twelve-letter clues to properly hint) was nixed.

The answer is: increasingly