Solutions for Act V Scene 1 - Pointless Puzzle

As hinted by the title, this puzzle is about word pairs where one word is the other minus all compass points NESW. Identifying the pairs between the grid and clue list gives:

List clueList wordGrid wordGrid clue Difference
egg whiteALBUMEN ALBUMcollection EN
parent or grandparent, sayANCESTOR ACTOR performerNES
threw ball at pinsBOWLED BOLD daring WE
scratched with nailsCLAWEDCLAD clothed WE
nearestCLOSEST CLOT congeal SES
gaming deviceCONSOLE COOL chill NSE
jeans fabricDENIM DIM dull EN
most gloomyDINGIEST DIGIT gloomy NES
petrified remainsFOSSIL FOIL fencing sword SS
road with high speed limitFREEWAY FRAY wear EEW
informally mother's mother, for exampleGRANNY GRAY light black NN
frankHONEST HOT spicy NES
type of algebra, often involving matricesLINEAR LIAR fibber NE
referee assistantLINESMAN LIMA peruvian capital NESN
white fungusMILDEW MILD slight EW
showed some cheek?MOONED MOOD feeling NE
pocket torchPENLIGHT PLIGHT pickle EN
concerned with spoken soundsPHONETIC PHOTIC relating to light NE
jailbirdPRISONER PRIOR previous SNE
showeredRAINED RAID sally NE
havenSANCTUARYACTUARY risk calculator SN
expressed disdainSCORNED CORD cable SNE
opposite of densitySPARSITY PARITY odd or even SS
famous birdwatcher, according to himself?SPOONER POOR subpar SNE
control deviceSWITCH ITCH irritation SW
fleetingTRANSIENT TRAIT feature NSEN
at the same timeWHILST HILT handle WS
cushion for the immatureWHOOPEE HOOP band WEE
by a large number of people; over a large areaWIDELY IDLY lazily WE

We can then use the dropped compass points to draw lines on the grid. For example, TRANSIENT drops NSEN to become TRAIT, so from the node labeled "feature" we trace a path going north then south then east then north. Doing so gives:

This reads either 8 TRANSISTOR FORM or B TRANSISTOR FORM. Noticing that we can drop NSS from TRANSISTOR to get TRAITOR, a little search of transistors, traitors and eight bring up the Traitorous Eight, suggesting that the former message is correct. This is the media name given to eight employees who left William Shockley, one of the inventors of the transistor. What they went on to form was their own company, FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, making that the answer.

Design notes:
Due to the word pairs needing to form letters, many interesting pairs could not be used because they extended too far in one direction. For example, a pair with many dropped points is ENGINEERED -> GIRD.

"Form" was used in the final message as opposed to words like "formed" or "founded" since it did not have any compass points to be dropped, allowing the message to become "8 TRAITOR FORM". Similarly, "transistor" was not pluralised since a trailing S would be dropped anyway, and 8 was represented as a number rather than spelled out since it contained an E. In hindsight, based on the guess logs the final message could have been made clearer, since many teams got stuck down the transistor route and guessed names of all sorts of electronics.

The answer is: fairchildsemiconductor