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Algebra Seminar: Burke -- Invariants of modular representations of a finite group Kevin Coulembier20 OctSw
Algebra Seminar: Wenzl -- Centralizer algebras for spin representations Kevin Coulembier18 OctSw
Sydney Dynamics Group: Jason Frank (Utrecht) -- Tangent-space splittings for data assimilation Georg Gottwald22 OctSw
Sydney Dynamics Group: Sophie Calabretto -- Sydney Dynamics Group: Extraction of submesoscale eddies -- Sophie Calabretto Georg Gottwald17 OctSw
Colloquium at Macquarie University: Daniel Hauer -- Non-concavity of Robin eigenfunctions Daniel Hauer23 OctSw
Congratulations to Shila Ghazanfar Marek Rutkowski16 OctAw
Special Public Lecture: Ghoussoub -- Sydney Ideas - Mathematical Heroes and Social Justice Leo Tzou17 OctSw
Computational Algebra Seminar: Joux -- A crossbred algorithm for solving Boolean polynomial systems Bill Unger19 OctSw
Computational Algebra Seminar: Carlson -- Orbits of Subspaces Bill Unger19 OctSw

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