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Workshop on stochastic PDEs Ben Goldys21 AugOw
Statistics Tutorial: Rebecca Barter -- Transitioning into the tidyverse Munir Hiabu20 AugSw
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Oliver Singh (Durham) -- Knotted Surfaces in 4-manifolds and Distances Between Them Boris Lishak21 AugSwP
Informal Friday Seminar: Lishak -- Group Cohomology Anna Romanov19 AugSwP
Domestic PhD scholarship in Applied Math at Macquarie Uni Stephanie Swanson15 AugDw
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Zacharia Issa -- On Piles of Sand and Exotic Derivatives: An Introduction to Robust Finance Wenqi Yue19 AugSw

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