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Derived Days Hannah Bryant17 JanSw
SMRI Seminar: Bridgeland -- Wall-crossing and isomonodromy Hannah Bryant23 JanSw
SMRI Colloquium: Reid -- In Praise of Small Data: Statistical and Data Science Hannah Bryant22 JanSw
SMRI Seminar: Libedinsky -- (Categorified) Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials for affine A2 Hannah Bryant22 JanSw
SMRI Seminar: Maxim -- Introduction to intersection homology and applications Hannah Bryant22 JanSw
PhD scholarships in theory of diagram categories and transformation semigroups David Easdown18 JanAw
Workshop on: Harmonic Analysis and PDEs Daniel Hauer23 JanSw
Postdoctoral positions in Mathematical Biology at the University of Michigan Mary Myerscough20 JanAw

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