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Congratulations to Dickson Yaw Badu Annor Ray Kawai15 NovAw
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Robert Lowe (TU Berlin) -- Secondary fans of punctured Riemann surfaces Boris Lishak19 NovSwP
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Jesse Gell-Redman (Melbourne) -- Index of non-elliptic operators Boris Lishak13 NovSwP
Domestic PhD Scholarship: Deep Features for Outlier Detection Garth Tarr15 NovOw
Algebra Seminar: Romanov -- An orbit model for the spectra of nilpotent Gelfand pairs Ulrich Thiel16 NovSw
Braid groups course: Licata -- What I would like to prove about braid groups Ulrich Thiel13 NovSw

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